Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to hire a bouncy castle or other Inflatable?


  1. A level patch of low grass or smooth paved area large enough to site it.
  2. A 240v 13amp power supply within 100m of the inflatable.
  3. The booking fee


Which equipment will fit in my garden?


We supply a range of bouncy castles and inflatables that are suitable for most gardens as well as being suitable for indoor hire locations such as church halls or leisure/community centres. If you are in any doubt, we are happy to visit the location to view the area before the booking date to ensure there will be no problems on the booking date and this service is free of charge


Can I have the equipment indoors?


 Yes, we provide castles and inflatables of varying sizes which are suitable for indoor hire, i.e. Community/Church Halls, Leisure Centres, etc. and generally depending on lighting/ceiling mounted fans, etc. the minimum ceiling height needed to safely inflate a castle is 3 metres. To ensure the equipment is stable while in use, we provide sand bags weights free of charge and floor mats around the entrance to the equipment


 What if I don't have a power supply close enough?


We can provide extension leads up to 100 metres at no additional cost. For outdoor events requiring equipment powered by generators, then these can be hired with the equipment at an additional cost.


 Are your castles suitable for use by adults?


Yes, we have a range of inflatables designed specifically for adults.


How do you define the term 'adult'?


In accordance with our Public Liabity Insurance anyone over the age of 14 should not use a standard or intermediate castle. An adult castle is built differently to accommodate extra size and weight for more durability.


 How can I book a bouncy castle?


    The easiest way to book is by telephoning us so we will can discuss your requirements in detail and advise you on the best equipment for your particular occasion, noting any special needs.

Alternatively, you can send your enquiry to us by email using the link below.


How do I pay ?


Payment is strictly on delivery of the equipment in cash. We do not require a deposit for single items, but for multiple items booked, we generally will ask for a deposit of approx 1/3rd of the total booking value to secure your booking. This deposit is non refundable 

We only accept cheques for corporate bookings.


Is there a cancellation charge?


No, you can cancel bookings at any time before the day of hire without penalty. The only exception is where a deposit has been paid against a multiple item booking as these deposits are non refundable


Do your Bouncy Castles have rain covers?


Yes, all of our Bouncy Castles come with an integrated rain cover ensuring your day is not spoiled by a spot of rain!


Can I keep the equipment overnight?


Yes, providing the area is self-contained and secure. There is a small surcharge for this service. 

How can I be sure that you won't let me down?


Our business depends upon our excellent reputation which we have built by providing a reliable and high quality service. Many of our customers come back to us year after year. We will confirm your booking in writing and you can be assured we will not let you down on the day.


What happens if there is a problem with the bouncy castle?


It is unlikely you will encounter any problems as our equipment as they are regularly serviced and well maintained. Providing the equipment is used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions there should be no problems. However, should any difficulty arise during the hire period you should contact us immediately so that we can come out as soon as possible to rectify the problem.


Should you have any further questions please contact us

Phone: 0121 605 2647

Mobile: 07813 847817